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Debian vs. SourceForge – Round 3

February 22, 2009


The tour through the comparison between Debian and SourceForge comes to a close by questioning whether Debian acts as a catalyst to evolutionary activity when a project is inserted into the repository. It has already been strongly suggested that projects packaged in Debian are recipients of significantly greater rates of activity. Of the 50 projects […]

Debian vs. SourceForge – Round 2

February 10, 2009


And so, we revisit the posers put up in a previous post: Are Debian’s evolutionary characteristics significantly different to those of SourceForge? Does Debian act as a catalyst? To answer these questions, we took a closer look at the software inside them. I’ll briefly explain the method here, but details of the steps will be […]

Debian vs. SourceForge – Round 1

February 3, 2009


We all know about SourceForge and Debian. Although they have different purposes, they both act as repositories of free software, and most of the practitioners will know that Debian hosts what is considered to be the best projects — judged most worthy by its army of package maintainers. Conversely, many (but by no means all) […]