New Features Take Saros from Strength to Strength

Posted on March 29, 2010


The latest version of Saros (10.3.26), released last Friday, was quite an important one, because it provides the application with features that vastly reduce the need for other complimentary applications. In short, the Saros feature set has grown so as to make it a largely self-contained application.

Let me furnish you with a brief guide to the latest capabilities:

Instant Messaging

All users now get a chat window in their Eclipse window with which they can send indulge in IM with everyone else in their shared project sessions. Because of Saros’s close integration with the XMPP protocol, you simply use your existing Jabber account.

The Saros IM window


Sometimes, you just want to talk to people. Until now, with Saros, that has meant you have to fire up your VoIP client — assuming that your friend has a compatible application (cue religious wars: Skype vs. GTalk etc.). Now, Saros supports VoIP out of the box. You will see a new button with a telephone icon. Simply put on your headset, select the peer you wish to speak to, click the button, and talk!

The new VoIP button

The new VoIP button

File sharing

To the left of that new telephone button you might have noticed another new icon that looks like a piece of paper: that is the file sending button, allowing you to stream a file on your computer over to someone in your current session. Once again, this is a common function, that would normally have required you to reach for another application, but is now provided by Saros out of the box and is as simple as clicking a button.

All of these new features enrich Saros, make it much more convenient to use, and come as standard with the installation.

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