Saros Becomes Evermore Insanely Great

Posted on May 31, 2010


On Friday, the Software Engineering Workgroup of Freie Universität delivered the latest release of Saros, the Eclipse plug-in that enables you to use the editor to perform distributed party programming.

Version 10.5.28 brings you, in addition to a host of bugfixes, yet another new feature you won’t find in competing products (how are liking this marketing spiel?): Screen sharing. With screen sharing, you can send a real-time image of your desktop to any of your other collaborators. Furthermore, it’s a very configurable feature:

  • You can share either your whole desktop, or switch to mouse mode, where you transmit a more focused view of the area around your mouse pointer.
  • You can transmit using pure Java (no need to use video codecs), or select a video encoder installed on your system, such as Xuggler, to improve your experience.
  • The quality of the image is configurable too: the area of the image, the frames per second, the bandwidth, can all be tweaked for the optimum performance.

So if you are an Eclipse shop, there’s yet another reason to use Saros to solve your collaborative development issues.

Posted in: Agile methods, Saros