Poll: What version control system do you use with Eclipse?

Posted on October 11, 2010


Eclipse logoIt was so much fun using the poll technology last time, I thought I would try again.

You may be familiar with Saros — our plug-in which provides distributed collaborative editing in Eclipse — and you may even know that Saros now features version control system (VCS) integration, so that all participants can work directly on the project repository together. At the moment, this feature only supports Subversion, but thanks to some clever architecture we can easily chuck in a bit of new code to support any VCS we like. But our resources are limited, and in lieu of a contributor coming forward and writing their own code (which is always welcome!), we have to pick and choose which VCS to support next.

To help us decide, please take a few seconds for this poll. The most popular VCSes are included, but feel free to add others.

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