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The Never-Ending Story

March 31, 2010


SCO Group’s assault on (among many things) the Linux kernel, has officially been put out of its long-standing misery. SCO does not own the Unix copyrights that it alleged, without any base, were infringed by Linux; most observers have already long since known this. As I learn this, I realise now that have been laughing […]

The Return of Padams!

January 14, 2010


Still talking about blogs, Paul Adams has re-appeared on the blogosphere! I knew he’d come back, and, like Kylie Minogue, he’s reinvented himself (right down to the tiny hotpants). Check him out on his new blog.

Ah, I’ve Been Expecting You…

January 14, 2010


Welcome to the new location for my blog. Until recently this blog was hosted by the University of Lincoln whilst I obtained my PhD. Now that it’s completed and I’ve moved on, I’ve moved it here. Coincidentally, we in the Software Engineering Working Group at the Free University of Berlin are in the process of […]

A Life Update

October 28, 2009


I seem to have fallen off the blogosphere in the past few weeks. There is good reason for this I assure you. Firstly, I had been busy preparing for my viva voce, the oral defence of my PhD thesis and the last hurdle to completion. I am happy to say that I was passed, I […]

The Ongoing Saga of Bletchley Park's Survival

September 29, 2009


Bletchley Park, which was the codebreaking hub of the Allies during the Second World War and is now a sizeable and very entertaining museum, has had a rough time in recent years. Parts of it are in a dilapidated state and it seems to survive only on charitable donations and the careful devotion of those […]

The Alan Turing Apology — Why?

September 7, 2009


Not so long ago, we celebrated the posthumous birthday of Alan Turing, who has achieved heroic status in the computing field. He made critical contributions to algorithms, computation, computer design and artificial intelligence, and famously played a role in the efforts to break the German codes during the Second World War. However, his story does […]

Now the UK Enters the Pirate Fray

August 13, 2009


Hot on the heels of the events in Sweden, which resulted in the Pirate Bay gentlemen being prosecuted and a swelling of support for the Swedish Pirate Party,  a UK Pirate Party has now been formed. Of particular interest to the FLOSS bods is the reformation of patent law. As I understand, the new party […]