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I have moved to!

November 3, 2010


Please be aware that my blog has now moved. The new address is: Update your links. The RSS feed at my new place is: See you over at the new look Computer Floss. Advertisements

The Oddity of the Pre-facto Quotation

October 6, 2010


I spend less time than ever these days reading about politics, not that I ever had a great interest to begin with, but I happen across the odd news report from Blighty now and again, just to stay knowledgeable throughout my exile from the Kingdom. I don’t know quite how long this particularly oddity that […]

Reading List II

September 27, 2010


Once again, clearing up some enjoyable reading of the past few months: Books Thomas Paine. Rights of Man. One of the original libertarians, a term that has pretty much lost its original meaning these days. The core ideas that came forth from his work, radical at the time, are simple. That rights are inherent in […]

We Have a Winner

September 1, 2010


Not many votes (about 20 or so at time of reading), but Google App Engine seems to be a big favourite for Eclipse users, gathering half the votes by itself. Looks like I have some reading up on Google App Engine to do…

Poll: Your favourite web application hosts/technology when using Eclipse

August 30, 2010


I’m embarking on a pet project, in short: a Python-based web application using my favourite editor, Eclipse. Being quite new to this, I thought I would poll my readers, especially those Eclipse web app developers among you, for their opinions on the best solutions. I realise I’m giving very few details, but I simply want […]

Reading List

May 3, 2010


Some books/articles/websites etc. that I have enjoyed reading in the last few months (just to prove my interests do occasionally stretch beyond computers) and which I can recommend: Books Letters to a Young Contrarian (Christopher Hitchens). Just seeing the title of this book was enough by itself to compel me to buy it; memories of […]

Libel Reform and Quickie Research on Online Politics

April 9, 2010


For a mere £200,000, Simon Singh has won the right to free speech. He has won an appeal against the libel action brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association, when Singh pointed out the lack of evidence for their claims. Instead of honouring his right to commit his thoughts to writing and simply countering […]