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Saros Looks the Bee’s Knees!

November 1, 2010


In the latest release of Saros, the distributed editing plug-in for Eclipse, we introduce a number of features that improve usability. The first thing you might notice when you power up the new version of Saros is the ability to store and manage multiple XMPP accounts. This feature makes it much more manageable if you […]

Poll results: Most used version control systems in Eclipse

October 18, 2010


The poll has been closed. After over 100 votes, Git has emerged as the winner, although not resoundingly so. The only notable “other” was ClearCase with about 6% of the vote. The final results table is below. Git 35% CVS 24% Mercurial 22% Other 12% Perforce 5% Bazaar 2% Thanks to all those who took […]

Poll: What version control system do you use with Eclipse?

October 11, 2010


It was so much fun using the poll technology last time, I thought I would try again. You may be familiar with Saros — our plug-in which provides distributed collaborative editing in Eclipse — and you may even know that Saros now features version control system (VCS) integration, so that all participants can work directly […]

Saros: Distributed Editing in Eclipse Just Keeps Getting Better

October 4, 2010


Saros, the best plug-in to give you distributed collaborative editing in Eclipse, continues to improve. In our latest release (10.10.01) the Saros Team has provided a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Visually the layout has changed a little. Using Saros is now so adaptable that we’ve had to group the growing number of menu items […]

We Have a Winner

September 1, 2010


Not many votes (about 20 or so at time of reading), but Google App Engine seems to be a big favourite for Eclipse users, gathering half the votes by itself. Looks like I have some reading up on Google App Engine to do…

Poll: Your favourite web application hosts/technology when using Eclipse

August 30, 2010


I’m embarking on a pet project, in short: a Python-based web application using my favourite editor, Eclipse. Being quite new to this, I thought I would poll my readers, especially those Eclipse web app developers among you, for their opinions on the best solutions. I realise I’m giving very few details, but I simply want […]

New Saros release: 10.8.27

August 28, 2010


Another month, another Saros release. This time around it consists mostly of bugfixes… … but be advised. There are now a couple of dozen youngling programmers busying away at Saros code like worker bees for the next few weeks. Expect a bumper crop of fixes and features in September!